Friday, May 14, 2010

Ready to Go!

Well its been a long trip of preparation, planning, travel, trekking, and
acclimitization to be here and now. Everything is ready to go for Everest.
Now its just a little waiting till we have a solid weather window. Everyone
is watching our forecasts for some break in the high winds that have been
pounding Everest for a week. There is a forecast for the winds to drop
starting the 23rd om May. Right now the Jet Stream is park right over the
mountain and weaving back and forth near the summit. And Everest sits right
up in the Jet Stream so its been quite exciting watching the winds hammer
the whole upper mountain.

Life here in Base Camp is quite comfortable. Cocktail hour at 4 with
appitizers, 2 heaters going off. Supper good shower and lots of interesting
hikes in the area to stay fit and entertained. Today we went up to Pumori
Camp 1 at around 19,500 ft. Fantastic views across the Khumbu Glacier to
Everest, Nuptse and Lhotse. Could see the entire North Ridge on the Tibet
side as well. Perfect day down low here.

SO all is good, will be going up in the next few days and as soon as were
back down, will post hopefully some photos from the summit! This will be my
5th summit if all goes well!

Photo from up on Pumori today!

Cheers to All,


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