Sunday, May 9, 2010

R and R in Dingboche!

Down to low altitude for some Rest and Recovery from being up high on
Everest for quite awhile. The team is good, everyone is doing super well and
being down to lower altitudes is just what the doc ordered. Photo of Doc
Peter Hackett, Bill and Scott having cinnamon rolls in Dingboche. We are
going backup to Base Camp over the next few days. Some of our sherpa team is
also down for a rest before the summit push. Everything is completely set
for the summit go rightnow. Over 70 bottles of Oxygen is now parked at high
Camp, Camp 3 is in and ready. So not much left to do but go for a hike up to
the top now! Stay tuned close as this is it and off we go!

Scott Woolums reporting from Dingboche, 14,000 ft.

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