Saturday, May 16, 2009

Moved up to Camp 2 Today!

Moved up to Camp 2 at 21,000 ft. Hopefully our last trip up through the icefall. Great weather today. Quite windy up higher, but nice here. We are planning a recovery day tomorrow. Then the day after, move on up to Camp 3. Everything is still looking g0od for summiting around the 20th. Yahoo! Our whole sherpa team is here with us and they are all doing well also. So everything should happen quick from here, stay tuned!!  Scott Woolums reporting from Camp 2, Mt. Everest!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Off to the Summit....Tomorrow!

Yep, everything is looking good to have a go at the top. We plan to leave
Base Camp tomorrow morning very early and be at Camp 2 tomorrow night. We
are planning 2 nights there, then up to Camp 3, then Camp 4, then the summit
on or around May 20 or 21. Yahoo. Everyone is feeling good, the sherpas are
ready and everything is in place. The forecast is looking good. Already
there has been a number of teams leaving Base Camp for there summit pushes.
So we should have a trail going up! We will be posting text reports hen we
are going up to Camps 3 and 4 and hopefully from the Summit! Scott Woolums
reporting from Everest Base Camp!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finally a Good Forecst!

Lots of Buzzz in camp today as teams are getting ready for summit pushes.
Many groups will be going up tomorrow for summiting during the 18-19 window.
We are still holding to have a look at todays forecast and also to try and
stay away from the first big rush. There are quite a few people in Base Camp
waiting also. We took a short hike over towards Pumori Base Camp just to get
out of camp. Lots of hanging out as we wait... Everything should come
together in the next week. We should have a more defined plan this
afetrnoon. Scott Woolums reporting from Everest Base Camp.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Waiting in Base Camp.....

Its been an awesome break down low recovering from our stays up higher. Now
were back, rested and ready to go! A lot of snow as we moved up yesterday.
Also a lot of stuff going on in camp. Arrived back in Base Camp yesterday
afternoon to a number of rescues and medical issues going on. You can read
about all that in other reports. Life here is always interesting. Slowly the
tents are melting out, each up on pedistals of ice after a month and a half.
Lots of small lakes forming as the glacier warms up. The icefall seems to
have quited down after the accident last week. Lots of buzzz in camp as
people are planning summit attempts. Looks like a small window on the 17-18
but also a bit later on the 21-22. We are probably going to hang out a bit
more to let this weather stabilize for now. We have some great forecasting
coming in every day so we are keeping a careful watch on conditions.
Everything is set to go, just need some weather now. It's a 5 day lag
between when we say go and launch our summit push and when we are actually
at High Camp and going. We will move to C2 for 2 nights, then C3, C4 and go
from there! Scott Woolums reporting from Everest Base Camp.