Friday, May 22, 2009

Yahoo! Back in Base Camp after the Summit!

What a relief now we are safe in Base Camp, below the Lhotse Face, Below the
IceFall! Lots of great photos from the top and up high. Have a challenging
solar power situation so have limited power right now. Will post lots of
photos very soon. Just wanted to check in with everyone that's been
following the blog! Next trip will be to Russia in July, then Kygristan in
August! Not sure on our plans to trek out yet. Just want to relax and enjoy,
reaching the top of the world! What a day we had. Absolutely perfect weather
with views in all directions. Quite tired now and will enjoy our first night
in Base Camp! So that was my 4th summit now of Everest! Scott Woolums
reporting from Everest Base Camp.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back in Camp 2

Scott and the team have arrived in Camp 2 safely and are going to spend the night there before descending through the Ice Fall for the final time tomorrow. They are expecting to leave Camp 2 tomorrow at 4:45 am and arrive into BC sometime in the morning tomorrow. Everybody is doing well and feeling good. 

Chris Klinke reporting for Scott Woolums

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back In Camp 4

Scott, Brian, Johnny, and the Sherpa's are back in Camp 4. Scott called abot 19:34 Everest Time and said that the descent was smooth and easy. That it was an amazing day to reach the summit with very little crowding and warm weather. There plan is to rest at Camp 4 tonight and then descend to Camp 2 tomorrow, then move through the ice fall and be back in BC by the following day. 

Chris Klinke reporting for Scott Woolums via Sat Phone


At approximately 8:00am Everest Time Brian, Johnny, and Scott stood at the top of the world! 

They are on their way back to Camp 4 and should be arriving in the next few hours.  I had to call Laurie this morning to get the details. Let's hope they have a speedy and safe descent to Camp 4.  Scott also said that 5 out of the 7 Sherpa's summited with them, so it was indeed an amazing day. Calm weather, blue skies, and the amazing view makes the journey worth it. 

Chris Klinke reporting from Laurie via Scott on Sat Phone.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scott called at 8:50 am EST, approx 6:35pm Everest time.

They arrived safely into Camp 4 (South Col) they are eating, hydrating, and resting before leaving for the summit in about 3 hours. The plan is to depart around 9pm (Everest Time) this evening to head to the top of the world. A few people summited today and are safely headed down the mountain or are resting in Camp 4.  A large crowd in Camp 4 getting ready to go up tonight or tomorrow given that this is the best weather window they have had so far this year. 

The team has a total of 7 Sherpa's and everyone is feeling good and strong. They have plenty of O2, and are resting quite comfortably. Please join me in wishing them a safe and speedy journey to the Summit. 

Chris Klinke reporting for Scott Woolums via Sat Phone

Monday, May 18, 2009

Scott called this morning at 7am to check in from Camp 3 at 24,000ft. It was a good climbing day and everybody moved well from Camp 2 to Camp 3. The entire team is feeling good and they have 3 Sherpa's climbing with them right now an additional 4 Sherpa's will climb up from Camp 2 tomorrow to meet them at Camp 4. They will have plenty of support for their summit bid. There is some wind up higher but everything is calm at Camp 3. 

The team is targeting May 20th and the weather report is favorable for that day. Scott is planning on having the team go onto Oxygen as they move up to the South Col (Camp 4) tomorrow. 
Chris Klinke reporting via Satellite phone for Scott