Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scott called at 8:50 am EST, approx 6:35pm Everest time.

They arrived safely into Camp 4 (South Col) they are eating, hydrating, and resting before leaving for the summit in about 3 hours. The plan is to depart around 9pm (Everest Time) this evening to head to the top of the world. A few people summited today and are safely headed down the mountain or are resting in Camp 4.  A large crowd in Camp 4 getting ready to go up tonight or tomorrow given that this is the best weather window they have had so far this year. 

The team has a total of 7 Sherpa's and everyone is feeling good and strong. They have plenty of O2, and are resting quite comfortably. Please join me in wishing them a safe and speedy journey to the Summit. 

Chris Klinke reporting for Scott Woolums via Sat Phone

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