Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Next Year!

Were all preparing now for our next years expedition to Mt Everest! Join us.... on one of the true challenges on our planet!




Bill Allen and Scott Woolums


Thanks to Our Sherpa Team!

We all wanted to say thank you again to our Sherpa team, one of the hardest working teams on the hill! Without them, this really would not be nearly as successful. These guys are some of the most stellar people on this planet! You simply could not ask for a better team for climbing Mt Everest with. I can say over many expeditions climbing with this team, I would not up high without everyone of our Sherpas!


From all of us at Mt. Trip, Thank You!


Scott Woolums

Celebrations and Congratulations!

Thanks and Congratulations come in many forms!


Enjoying Kathmandu!

A quick update from Kathmandu here.  A very busy couple days as we flew out from Base Camp in helicopters down to Lukla, and from there connected (after an extra night in Lukla!) onto Kathmandu. Awesome to be down and celebrating one of the best trips ever.  Now we are waiting for bags to show up for onwards flights home. Lots to do wrapping everything up. Mostly enjoying just being with the team and out for meals. Kathmandu definitely has a festive atmosphere now with a lot of teams here now. Lots more still hiking out. The helicopter option is definitely a good choice as when its time to go out, were there!  Staying at the Yak and Yeti, a good place to decompress (unacclimitize!) while meeting friends and taking care of business in Kathmandu style!


Scott Woolums reporting from Kathmandu!