Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Everest 2010

Hi All!

Up here at Camp 2, 21,500 ft. Life is good. Just wanted to stay in touch
with everyone. Our team this year is looking solid. Right now we are
spending some time here to acclimatize on our second rotation up high. I
have been posting reports and photos at
http://exploreyourplanet2009.blogspot.com/ and
http://mteverest2010.blogspot.com/ .

The schedule is going well, only one day behind last year. The weather has
been outstanding so far! Expecting some changes with that in the next week.
So in the next few days we will be ready for our third and hopefully summit
go. Yahoo!

Just wanted to say hi to everyone back home and hope all is well. I should
be back around June 6th, hopefully after my 5th summit with any luck!! And
with 5 months off this time, and it will be summer! Missing being home in
Hood River and everyone there!


Scott from Camp 2 on Everest!

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