Thursday, May 13, 2010

Waiting in Base Camp......

Back in Base Camp and playing the waiting game now. Have been following all
the forecasts closely. Back a couple days ago from a super good break down
in Dingboche. Right now our Sherpa team is also taking a well deserved break
before we all move up for our summit go. Everything on the mountain is
completely set to go. Very little for the sherpas to take up to be ready for
the summit. So everyone is ready. The team is healthy and strong. So we only
have a little bit to wait as the forecasts are starting to look like a solid
window starting around the 22nd and 23rd. We have no set plans at this point
as we have till 5 days before to commit on a date. Any plans farther out are
more just wishful thinking. So we'll stay here. Everyone here in camp is
looking at a small break in the high winds that have been hammering the
upper mountain starting around the 16th. It does look like a decrease coming
in the winds that may allow some smaller/faster teams to blast up in. We
feel its to small, colder, lower success and higher risk to try with our
team. Patience is important as there is a tremendous incentive to push after
being in camp for a long time. Many teams here arrived in some cases over 2
weeks before we did in Base Camp. That makes for a very long trip waiting.
Today is our first actual waiting day of the expedition. Theres been lots of
stories of destroyed tents up in Camp 2 and from over on the North side. So
things have been a bit on the wild side the last few days. Even here in Base
Camp we had a few gusts approaching 50 shaking things up. We took down our
C2 tents 2 days ago so everything in our Camp 2 is good to go. We have a
Mountain Hardware Stronghold Dome tent in C2 that has proven to be
incredibly strong.

So this is one of the tougher parts of the trip, waiting and watching as the
season gets close to the end. A lot of anxiety watching and waiting. It's a
fine needle to thread between the start of the Monsoon and the end of the
high winds of May. We are looking for the big fluffy pre-monsoon cumulus
clouds to start floating around Everest as the jet stream pulls back. Then
off we go! Stay tuned!

Scott Reporting from Everest Base Camp!

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