Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just down from Camp 3!

Wahoo! A huge day today. Up to Camp 3 at 24,000 ft.. Everyone did super well
up the lower part of Lhotse Face and back. Leaving Camp 2 here at 5 am, we
moved over to the base of the Lhotse Face and then started up. Good
conditions allowed us easier climbing up to Camp 3. Most everyone setting
new personal altitude records today. Very warm and no wind made for an
enjoyable day, at least as enjoyable as climbing above 7000 meters can be!

We are all back safe in Camp 2 now, and will probably be up here for one
more night before heading down to Base Camp and on down lower for a much
deserved break from being up high for almost 2 weeks. So this is the end of
our second rotation before coming back up to summit. Now it becomes a
waiting game, watching the weather close and making sure all Oxygen and
supplies are in place. A tough job, but the sherpas are on it. Today
multiple loads went up to the South Col.

No hurry here as the fixed lines have not been put in above the South Col.
Also the weather has taken an unstable turn and continues to snow and blow
most afternoons. We are looking for consistent, low wind pre monsoon
patterns that normally bring warmer and more predictable weather to Everest!

Scott Woolums reporting from Camp 2 , Mt. Everest.

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