Friday, May 1, 2009

Up in Camp 2 again!

Came up to Camp 2 yesterday in some very nice weather. Although it has been getting quite
cloudy in the afternoons. This is our second rotation up to Camp 2. We are planning 4 or 5
more nights here, with a climb up to Camp 3 at 24,000 ft. the day after tomorrow. Our
sherpas did an amazing carry from here up to the South Col today, carrying most of our
Oxygen up. SO everything is starting to be in place for our summit go in a couple weeks. A
lot of teams are pushing hard for an earlier summit this year. We plan to let them go and
wait a little for what is consistantly the best, warmest, longest periods of good weather
after the middle of May. Its been a good stay here running into lots of good friends.
Definitly starting to miss home, its been over a month now. Photos from the icefall yesterdy morning. Thanks for following our
reports! Scott Woolums reporting from Camp 2, Mt. Everest.

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