Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Enjoying Base Camp Life!

Yahoo! Were all down in Base Camp. So nice to be down in the thicker air
here at 18,000 ft. Photos from the icefall yesterday. Glad to have one more
trip through there behind us. The cook here at Base Camp, Serki, is
outstanding Fried Chicken and Pizza last night. So we are finished with our
first rotation up high, 2 more to go. Our weather forecasts are coming in
now and it looks good over the next few days with diminishing winds. That's
great news as our whole sherpa team launched to start the huge job of
getting our Oxygen up to Camp 4, our high camp at 26,000 ft. They are the
true stars that make most all Everest Expeditions really successful.
Outstanding team this year, I am hoping we can all summit together as a
team! So we have a few days here to relax, recover from being up high, eat
well, take showers, check weather and plan our go for the summit! Very
enjoyable here compared to Camp 2. Yesterday we saw at least 4 tents that
had blown off Camp 2 from the winds last night of other teams. Right now
most tents in Camp 2 are collapsed so they are not destroyed. We did loose
our large dinning tent the day before yesterday in the winds, completely
shredded. Fortunaty we have extras of most all things. It does look like the
worst of the winds are over now. So we are wishing for good weather for our
sherpas to get the higher camps ready. Scott Woolums reporting from Everest
Base Camp!

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  1. Wow Awesome Scott - Jona-Marie / beautiful photos