Sunday, April 26, 2009

Up to Camp 2 at 21,000 ft.!

Yesterday we moved up here to Camp 2. Beautiful weather. Brian and Johnny are doing super well, 3 hours yesterday. Since our last dispatch, we have been in Camp 1 for a couple nights at about 20,000 ft. acclimitizing. The climb up through the icefall did not disappoint us aswe had a small collapse several hundred meters away, very scary. The icefall goes very close to some laarge icecliffs on the west shoulder which in my opinion makes the route a little more dangerous than normal. The route into Camp 3 was fixed the day before yesterday and today they are working on fixing through the Yellow Band at about 7600 meters. We have our Camp 3 set and mosst oxygen here at Camp 2 so we are well ahead of schedule now. Lots of support with 6 sherpas and out small team of 3, Johnny and Brian Strange and myself. We plan to stay here for a couple morre nights then back to Base Camp for another rest. We have put together a schedule that allows minimum trips back and forth throught the icefall this season. Everyone is agreeing that it is warmer than normal, we'll see what happens. We are looking towards after the middle of May for our summit window now. It does look like a lot of people are pushing for earlier this season. I have never liked the colder and shorter summit windows of earlier May so we'll let the early teams have a go, then wait for a bit later this year. Life here is pretty good with a large Mt. Hardware dome tent, 2 cooks. Very comfortable as far as that can be at this altitude on the side of Everest! Thanks for staying updated. More soon as we just got our email/solar system working this morning. Will always publish updates when we can. Scott Woolums reporting from Camp 2 Mt. Everest.

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