Sunday, May 3, 2009

Slammed by High Winds and Snow!

Epic day today here in Camp 2. Started out good, but very soon some serious weather came in.  We left around 7am for Camp 3. Within an hour we had decided to turn around as lots of wind and a lowering cloud cieling threatened. By the time we arrived back at Camp 2 a full scale storm raged. The biggest concern now was our Sherpas up near the South Col. They started up with the last of our Oxygen at 1am this morning. We had good radio communications with all. A very serious day. We never push our Sherpas into decisions, have no tight schedules for them to follow, only try to maintain safety as a primary goal.They make their choices with weather and conditions to go on or not. I trust their judgement more than most eople I meet in the mountains. This was a very rapidly developing storm. Fortunatly in the face of some very strong winds, Namgyal and the rest of the Sherpas made a super good choice to catch the Oxygen they had near the top of the Geneva Spur, a prominent ridge 20-30 mins below the South Col camp at nearly 26,000 ft. A long day following their progress back to Camp 2 today on the radio. To make things worse, one of the sherpas, Temba, broke a crampon up high and had to descend with only one crampon down the whole Lhotse Face. This is a challenge with 2 crampons on a good day! Everyone is back safe with no problems now. Simply amazing effort by one of the strongest Sherpa Teams I have worked with. So hopefully tomorrow we will have a break for us to get up to Camp 3. We are planning to go back to Base Camp on the 5th. Scott Woolums reporting from Mt. Everest, Camp 2.


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  1. Glad to hear everyone is okay so far!

    I'm a student at Southern Oregon, and was on the river with Laurie for the last two days-- Some talk about your trip came up, so I thought I'd keep myself updated!

    Hope the winds die down a bit, and that you guys can all get some good sleep.

    -David C.