Friday, May 8, 2009

Enjoying DIngboche!

Our whole team including sherpas are down here in Dingboche. Very nice to
breath and relax after a month of up and down trips on Everest. We left base
camp yesterday morning and at 10.30am local as we were across the Khumbu
Glacier from Base Camp, we all watched a huge release off the West Shoulder.
A very difficult thing to see after just being in the icefall a couple days
ago. Very clearly it completely swept the route on the lower third of the
icefall. A very scary thing to see and our hopes are that no one was injured
although we have found out since there was. Our team and all sherpas are all

We are watching the weather now with no plans at the moment until we see a
solid opportunity. I have never like early season summits as the windows are
short, cold and much lower percentages of summiting. Good luck to all who
have gone up though as there did seem to be a short window to summit this
weekend. Its windy here in Dingboche, but have a report from Camp 3 that its
calm there right now. Video from a small Stupa near our lodge today. Photos
of the team in Dingboche. Yahoo! This is the exciting part as the summit
gets closer. Scott Woolums reporting from DIngboche, 14,000 ft. Nepal.

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