Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Back in Base Camp!

Yahoo, just back down from Camp 3 yesterday and now all the way to Base
Camp. A busy few days. Yesterday we enjoyed some very good weather to climb
up to Camp 3 at around 24,000 ft. No wind, clear and beautiful! Then back to
Camp 2 last night. This morning we got up early and descended through the
icefall again back to Base Camp here. Definitly some changes in the icefall.
Several ladders had been taken out by some large avalanches, but the icefall
doctors are quick in repairing the route, so no problems getting down to
Base Camp here. First showers in a week, sunshine and thick air, at least as
thick as it gets at 18,000 ft. SO now we plan to watch the weather
forecasts. Rest, eat, relax till a weather window shows up. We probably are
looking more towards the 16-18 now with the weather we have now. Stay tuned
as we get closer to the summit. It feels a long way off right now. Hope
everyone is enjoying a great spring where ever that may be! Scott Woolums
reporting from Everest Base Camp.

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  1. Hi Scott, WOW - GREAT PICTURE!!! Gives a great perspective on that section of the climb!!! Take care, Cindy and Larry