Thursday, May 20, 2010

High Winds in Camp 2!


Well its been an exciting day. Beautiful clear weather, just quite windy
this afternoon and tonight. We are planning to leave for Camp 3 tomorrow
morning, so hopefully we'll see less winds tomorrow for our trip up the
Lhotse Face. The weather forecasts have not offered a clear window this
year. Now we are trying to thread a needle (with several hundred other
climbers) between the Jet Stream, which is now very near Everest and an
approaching Cyclone in the Bay of Bengal that is heading our way soon. We
are looking at the 22nd now. Its going to be a windy climb up to the South
Col over the next couple days. We are actually in a very good position to
wait a day in C3 or C4 if conditions are unreasonable. We have lots of
Oxygen for any delays up high and one of the strongest Sherpa Teams on the
hill! Looking forward starting our summit push! Yahoo!

Scott Woolums reporting from Camp 2, Mt. Everest.

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