Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Everest Summit 2010!

Yahoo! We are all back safe in Base Camp after a very successful summit on
May 23rd, 2010. We will keep this short as lots going on here in Base Camp.
But we wanted to get out the news that 7 members and 11 sherpa summited at
just after 9am in very good weather. Just a light wind, clear skys and
amazing views! We spent well over 30 mins. On top before starting down to
the South Col. Before getting back near the Balcony, we were caught by the
afternoon convective clouds with higher winds and snow with low visibility.
Back in Camp 4 it continued to snow and blow hard all night. More or less
shuting the mountain down, although we did hear a group made the summit in
poor conditions. Crazy weather, from super good to whiteout and blowing.
Anyways, were here in Base Camp, everyone is doing very well. No injuries,
no frostbite, no worries!

Lots more photos and stories on the way! Yahoo!

Scott Woolums reporting from Everest Base Camp.

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