Monday, April 18, 2011

Enjoying Base Camp!

Checking in here from Base Camp. Its been busy getting everything organized, loads ready to go up, communications, solar power and all. But everything is good to go. We have finished some training and fixed line practice in the ice towers near our camp. Yesterday morning we had our Puja, or blessing ceremony we always do before going into the icefall. This is important for the Sherpa team and is a good way to create a tighter team feeling between members and sherpas.   The Puja is an important ceremony for the Sherpa and they won’t start climbing until we’ve had this ceremony/blessing.  It is a milestone in the expedition as now the climbing really begins.  This morning at about 3 am our Sherpa team started up thru the icefall hauling 19 loads up to Camp 1, and by 9 am they were rolling back into base camp.  We’ve got a strong crew, and the route seems to be in really good shape so far this year.  


Base camp is very comfortable here, 100% solar power, good communications, hot shower, and our amazing cook Serki! He has been working with us for the last 3 years and really is outstanding. Yesterday also we had the strategy session with all leaders of the expeditions in base camp. Always good to see lots of friends and to coordinate with other expeditions to get ropes and equipment in place to fix lines on the upper mountain.   A number of teams did not show, so between 8 teams or so, all the upper mountain fixed line equipment and supplies have to be ferried up. That’s 53 loads or so for the Sherpas, lots of work.


Today we are off towards Pumori for another hike before we start into the ice fall.


Scott and Bill from Everest Base Camp, Nepal


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