Sunday, January 10, 2010

Enjoying Antarctica!

Wahoo! Back in Vinson Base Camp again after another summit. Very good trip
up and down in 4 days. So half way through the season now and looking
forward to the rest. I have one more trip up Vinson, then some time over at
the Union Glacier, the new blue ice runway that all operations are being
moved to at the end of the season. Quick update, the skiing has been
amazing! Just behind camp we have a 2400 ft. vertical peak that really does
have some of the lightest powder on earth! Just back from a run this
morning. Have been kiting about 10 days so far. It's a bit hit and miss with
the wind here at Vinson Base Camp. Working with some great staff here. I am
the only American actually. So have a few rest days to recover before the
next round.

Hope all is good back home. Miss being home! But then very much appreciate
Antarctica, remote and beautiful, like no other place in the world!

Vinson Base Camp

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