Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Down from a quite sporty summit!

Just back this afternoon from Vinson. Third summit this year, whew! A busy
season and quite a windy summit. So everything is wrapping up here with this
last climb. In the next few days we will be breaking down Vinson Base Camp
and flying out to Patriot Hills, then with all the guides here, over to the
new runway at the Union Glacier. Lots to do in the next couple weeks.
Scheduled to fly back to Chile on Jan 31st, with good weather! That will be
the last flight out from Antarctica! So -note to self- Do not miss that
flight! Have 11 more days on the ice working with some good friends. Should
be an adventure as there is a lot to explore over on the Union Gl. Wishing
everyone warm thoughts! Next up Bolivia Feb 16th...

From Vinson Base Camp!

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