Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yahoo in Antarctica Now!

Were out at Vinson Base Camp now after a perfect series of connections from
Punta Arenas, Chile thru Ushia, Argentina then onto Patriot Hills Base Camp
and out to Vinson Base Camp here in the Ellsworth Mountains. Simply amazing.
So here we are getting packed and ready now to head for Camp 1 tomorrow
morning. This has been some of the best weather I have seen here in
Antarctica. Sunny, no wind, hot sun. This morning enjoyed several runs on
the local ski hill. 2500 vert, 6" of the lightest snow on earth! Lot of
people say that, but I can promise you it really was! The snow is covered in
piles of giant feathers and sparkles! We are skiing up this trip and I am
climbing with Paul and Denise who are very happy to be here. Managed a 6
hour hike up the Patriot Hills yesterday just before flying out to Vinson.
That was great a 5 mile alpine ridge with views of the Transantarctic range,
out towards the South Pole and over to the Hercules Inlet. So super busy,
lots of adventures and we have only been here about 50 hours! Will post
another report when we are back down here to Vinson Base Camp on about the
24th, for Christmas.

Happy Holidays and enjoying a White Christmas Season!


Vinson Base Camp

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