Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just about Ready!

Everything is comming together somehow for 7 weeks in Antarctica. A busy last few days. SUper cold here in Oregon, 10 degrees this morning. So packing in the garage this morning is good training! First up will be a Vinson trip with Paul and Denise, see their blog . Then not sure of my exact schedule. Have 3 new kites and really looking forward to kiting at Patriot Hills and Vinson Base Camp. Lots of good friends will be down this season. Sunday morning will be off to Chile and Punta ARenas, then the flight into Patriot Hills is scheduled for Dec 16th, with a fair bit of luck! Stay tuned here and will update with news and hopefully photos. For any Everest questions, talk with Bill or Todd at Mt Trip. Off to the Ice!! Scott

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  1. Kiting in Antarctica... I presume you are using kites for propulsion, while on skis or snowboard? I guess single-liners aren't useful enough in that environmant unless you're sending up weather instruments or something like that... Whatever it is - have fun!