Monday, April 20, 2009

Just back from a short trip into the Icefall!

Having some spectacular weather here at Base Camp! Hot and Sunny, really!
Some wind last night, but ok now. Our Camp 2 is set now, with 6 more sherpa
loads going up today. We have volunteered one of our sherpas for fixing the
rope above C2 starting the 24th, some Oxygen also. SO hopefully the route
will be going in abaove C2 starting tomorrow! Spent some time today
exploreing the lower section of the icefall, perfect day for that. Probably
go for a short hike tomorrow, then up to C1 on the 22nd for 2 nights, then
onto C2 for 3 or so more. Very warm this season. We are trying to minimize
our trips thru the icefall. Good to be here, lots of teams on lots of
different schedules. Looking forward actually to getting up higher where its
cooler! Yesterday we all shared a very good Puja, or ceremony with the
sherpas to wish safe passage on Everest and thru the icefall. A special time
to share with the sherpas and base camp staff always. So stay tuned as we
make our way up into the Western Cwm! Scott Woolums reporting from Everest
Base Camp, Nepal.

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